Anilox roller cleaning with laser technology

Laserclean offers the cleaning of ceramic anilox rollers as a cleaning method. Laserclean is coming to your company with a specially designed cleaning unit to clean the rollers online or offline.

The cleaning process:
The roller rotates and the laser beam moves from left to right parallel to the roller.

The laser beam is focused on the dirty roller, the energy of the laser beam is absorbed by the dirt en the dirt consisting of pigments and polymers evaporates.

The laserbeam is powerful enough to evaporate the dirt but is not powerful enough to touch or evaporate the ceramic, this is possible because the dirt evaporates at a lower temperature than the ceramic. Therefore this specially developed laser is able to clean the rollers without any chance of damaging the cell walls. The method does not involve any contact with the roller and no extra dirt is created because no granules are used. The method is ‘dry’ while it doesn’t involve water or chemicals in the process.

Laser consist of light and light consists out of photons, these are the smallest particles that exist therefore they can reach till the bottom of the cells. After the cleaning process the volume of the roller has returned to the maximum level. The roller can be used again directly after the process.