The following questions are frequently asked concerning the cleaning of anilox rollers with laser. If your question is not listed please contact us via the contact form or call +31172477762.

1. Does Laserclean offer a safe method to clean anilox rollers?

Laserclean offers the safest method there is to clean anilox rollers. Because our method does not involve any contact with the roller. The roller is not touched by chemicals or whatsoever. The energy that is created by the laser beam has enough power to remove the dirty particles out of the roller but does not have enough power to damage the ceramic roller. Even the smallest cells are cleaned till the bottom of the cell.

2. When is it needed to clean the anilox rollers with the help of laser technology?

Every day the roller gets a bit dirtier. After a while the strength of the color can suddenly reduce. After a period of maximum one year the roller is required to have a thorough cleaning session. Although to maintain a constant quality it is recommended to thoroughly clean the rollers every six months. This will prevent large differences in printing quality. The thorough clean is best done with the use of our Laser technology.

3. What happens with the dirt that comes free when the anilox roller is cleaned?

The pollution can be easily extracted and collected by a filter. Just a few grams of dirt arise when the anilox roller is cleaned. Because cleaning with laser does not provide extra pollution this the most environment friendly method on the market.

4. How long does it take to clean an anilox roller of for instance 250 cm?

A roller of this length is cleaned within one and a half hour. A completely plugged roller needs a second treatment and will be ready in three hours.

5. Is it possible to clean the anilox roller in the machine?

Yes, we are able to clean the rollers online or offline so we always have a fitting solution. Short anilox rollers are often cleaned offline in our specially designed truck.

6. Is it possible to use the anilox roller directly after the cleaning session?

After the cleaning session the anilox roller can be used immediately so there is no delay in the production process.

7. What are the advantages of cleaning with laser over other cleaning methods?

Cleaning with laser is the only method that really cleans the bottom of the cells. Other methods just remove parts of the pollution. Next to that the pollution exist out of pigments en polymers. Most methods do remove the pigments but do not remove the polymers. These can only be removed by burning them away. That is exactly what the laser system is designed for. After the cleaning session the anilox roller operates as new.